Who We Are

ThinkThroughTools creates Outreach Systems that Achieve Astonishing Customer Focus | Customer Engagement | Customer Adhesion.

Our team is comprised of:

Rich Obertots

Rich thinking (about how much he wants to be riding his bicycle in deep snow)

Rich Obertots, Co-Founder & Managing Director

As co-founder of ThinkThroughTools, Rich has more than 33 years of experience working in healthcare and other industries. Although he earned an MBA, the truths he knows and the tools he has developed came about through often brutal, yet high-yielding trial and error. Through his inventive mentoring, coaching, systems and hard-charging efforts, clients willing to commit throughout Australia, Canada and the USA achieved substantial and durable success. Rich has also instructed healthcare marketing, management and emergency medical technology courses at the university level. He has delivered presentations worldwide at international and national medical events and for international healthcare companies. A solid drummer and iffy cello player, Rich spends way too much time on his Surly Pugsley Adventure Bike.

John Chamberlin

John thinking (about how much he wants some chocolate milk)

John Chamberlin, Co-Founder

John, has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare as a clinician, administrator  and educator. He has been involved in assisting profit and nonprofit organizations grow market share, grow their brand and grow their ULTIMATE LINE. The bottom line is ONE thing, the ULTIMATE LINE is a combination of goodwill, revenue, expenses. By the way, John is a hot chocolate (or any chocolate) lover!

Thomas R. Kelly, CFO

Tom has spent over 32 years specializing in the sale of commercial real estate and businesses. He has built considerable long-term relationships advising and assisting investors and customers. He also has extensive experience in helping innovative, early and embryonic stage ventures in the development and execution of business and financing plans. A partner in ThinkThroughTools, Tom assists with various administrative and operational tasks especially in the areas of strategic planning and finances. Tom is also the owner of Beau Quest Realty; a partner in Beau Quest, LLC; and serves as managing director of Trans-Pacific International, Inc., an international consulting company with expertise and experience with special projects in China and Taiwan.

Marjorie L. Kelly, Administrator

Marge is a partner in ThinkThroughTools and manages the day-to-day operations including accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, and other administrative responsibilities. She oversees those numerous details necessary to keep the business functioning smoothly and moving forward in an orderly manner, not the least of which is keeping track of the overly energetic, enthusiastic and hard-driving CEO. Marge retired from GMAC with 32 years of experience serving in various administrative capacities and is a partner in Beau Quest, LLC, a business advisory and consulting company.

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