365 Safety MTRM

365 Safety MTRM

Thanks to all of those that shared their beliefs and time to complete our National AMRM survey.

Your commitment to this will surely help to improve safety in air medical transport.


If you would like a copy of the survey results, please fill out the form below. We promise not to share your information to anyone.

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How often is your organization engaging in Safety and MTRM (Medical Transport Resource Management) education? **

Only once a year? Quarterly?

Would brief 6-8 minute lessons, scenarios, crew discussion and engagement sessions with short 3 question quizzes – daily – help with knowledge retention, reinforcement and verification of essential Safety principles?

Would it help you to be able to provide instantaneous electronic evidence and reports of the safety training your organization conducts daily, quarterly and annually?

365 Safety MTRM includes the latest real-world-based scenarios which your staff can engage 365 days per year easily included as part of shift briefings.

And there’s no tedious software learning curve. It is a simple log-in and click through process.


** MTRM combines AMRM (Air Medical Resource Management) principles with content that also applies to ground Critical Care Transport.

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